Can Radiofrequency Really Ward Off Eye Wrinkles Before They Pop Up?

Sometimes, I feel bad for the generations of women that came before me: I get to reap the benefits of their women’s lib movement, am fortunate to live in a time of increased cultural tolerance—all while being able to communicate through cute-ass emojis.

But the rewards of progress are especially advantageous when it comes to modern-day skin care, thanks to a ridiculous number of treatments—including microneedling, lasers, and LED light—that help downplay the effects of aging. If we play our cards right, we’ll never need to think about going under the knife.

But that newfound abundance goes up in smoke the minute we try to target those inevitable fine lines that surface around the eyes. Sure, medical-grade skin care may help. But lasers and microneedles—treatments that buff out wrinkles and give skin glow by boosting collagen and elastin production—are too intense for such a delicate area. That leaves us with injections.

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