BeautyClinic: Skin peels explained

The doctor behind London’s first ‘peel bar’ gives us the 411 on chemical peels

The idea of a lunch-break peel isn’t new—it’s totally normal by US standards—but given that London has only just got up to speed with blow-dry bars and the like, ‘The Peel Boutique’ seems rather revolutionary.

Designed by Dr. Rabia Malik, Holistic Aesthetic Doctor at Grace Belgravia Medical, the UK’s first ‘express peel bar’ offers 20 minute treatments with minimal downtime.

So far, so non-scary. Well, as the renowned derm divulged, chemical peels are even safe for sensitive skin types. Below she also explains the difference between deep and superficial peels, which acids to look for and how frequently you should do them. Over to the expert:

What is a chemical peel, exactly?

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