Apr 2018

The Injection That Melts a Double Chin


A noninvasive, nonsurgical procedure is enticing customers who might not otherwise seek out cosmetic treatments. The drug designed to treat my “submental fat” (the fat pocket under the chin) is the new cosmetic injectable Kybella, which promises to dissolve fat cells through a series of injections.  Read more: https://theatln.tc/2uKCBes Shared from: The Atlantic

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Apr 2017

Kybella: Double Chin FAQ


Bellavue Medical Vein & Laser Institute offers KYBELLA® injections, the clinically-proven and FDA-approved treatment to address a double chin. This non-surgical procedure is an ideal option to treat moderate-to-severe fat below the chin. By destroying the fat cells, the treatment can improve the overall contour of the neck and jaw line. Fat accumulates in the [...]

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Apr 2017

KYBELLA®: A Unique Treatment for that Double Chin


Today in the world of selfies, everyone wants to have a well-sculpted and contoured face and body. However, concerns such as a double chin can have a negative impact on your appearance. Typically, double chin or submental fat is caused by weight gain or by genetic disorders. It can make people look much older than [...]

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