Dr. Hausauer On The Intricacies Of PRP Hair Treatment

PRP therapy is used in hair restoration as an alternative or complement to existing topical, oral and surgical treatments. It involves separating a portion of your own blood and injecting this solution back into the scalp. There are growth factors in a special type of blood cell called the platelet that awaken and help create a better environment for hair follicles so they may grow and thrive. PRP is a way to harness your body’s own ability to heal itself in a more natural and innovative technique.

Over the past decades, there has been an increasing effort to understand what biological cues control the hair growth cycle. We have long recognized that there are different phases of cyclical hair growth, including: telogen, the resting phase; anagen, the growth phase; catagen, the regression phase; and exogen, the shedding phase. But, the molecular signals triggering these transitions and how they may differ among individuals with male or female pattern hair loss have only become clear more recently.

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