Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Laser Hair Removal

If you happen to be one of the people who spends what feels like hours a week shaving in the shower, you’ve probably often yearned for an easier — more permanent — solution to handling unwanted hair. Sure, there’s waxing, but that process is not totally a walk in the park either. Then, there’s laser. Zapping away hair, for good, is appealing, but the thought of light beams hitting your body can be daunting. Plus, it requires some serious time and money investing.

You can shave before your treatment.

Unlike waxing (where your hair has to be as long as a grain of rice), it’s totally cool to shave pre-laser hair removal appointments. On the flip side, you can’t wax the area for 10 days prior to your treatment. Since lasers work by targeting the pigment inside your hair follicle, the follicle has to be intact (which is not the case after a wax).

It’s pretty quick.

Smaller areas can take as little as 5 minutes. Larger sections (like your legs) can take up to 40 — which is still quicker than an episode of The Get Down. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to complete a whole cycle (six appointments spaced six to eight weeks apart) to really nix that unwanted fuzz.

It doesn’t hurt… much.

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