Hollywood Embraces the Vampire Breast Lift

A Beverly Hills plastic surgeon reveals why the minimally invasive, stem cell-based procedure is gaining popularity among women in the entertainment industry.

More than five years after the vampire facial entered the public zeitgeist — thanks to a blood-drenched selfie posted by Kim Kardashian — the science behind the sanguinary skin treatment is being used on other parts of the body.

The stem cell-based method was first pioneered for the face in 2013 by Dr. Charles Runels. But it is Runels’ colleague and fellow Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Robert H. Cohen, who has adapted the technique for breasts.

Cohen tells The Hollywood Reporter the minimally invasive procedure is in high demand.

“People like the idea that you can use the body’s own natural healing ability, which is essentially what this is, using platelets and stem cells to stimulate growth.”

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