How the rise in cosmetic procedures affect beauty standards for Generation Z

Get BOTOX® injected this summer into the sweat glands under your skin to temporarily block chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate sweat glands; medically called Hyperhidrosis, wherein the sweat may emit very bad odor or gives ugly looking sweat marks on the attire.

In the same way few may have excess sweating of palms, which also can be addressed by the ‘Summer BOTOX®’; since it’s painful to inject into hands, it better be done under short anesthesia to avoid unpleasant feeling.

The results last about seven to eight months and can reduce sweating anywhere from 60-90 percent.

Since it prevents sebaceous over activity it can help in Acne, Rosacea (flushing & excessive sweating of face), Rhinophyma (bumps on tip of nose with bulkiness). For routine acne, there are several alternatives like creams etc but they need to be applied every day.

General BOTOX®

BOTOX® can be used many places for enhancing beauty, reversing damage and impact of ageing, and a multitude of other reasons that make the body look bad – the most common spots are crow’s feet around the eyes, frown lines between the eyebrows, furrows on forehead, lip angle modulation, gummy smile correction and to soften strap muscles of the neck mastication muscle of cheek and reduces the prominence of jaw line and teeth grinding.

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