I Tried Sculptra — and I Love It 

I Tried Sculptra — and I Love It 

As our generation ages, we seem to do so with more energy — and far fewer lines — than the ladies who came before us, thanks to a deluge of information, technology, and advances in skin care.  Those multiple-week “vacations” required for recovery, are now often done over a long lunch. 


But what about the facelift? Until recently, the only way to truly lift sagging skin was to cut. Unless you went the filler route. Even the “celebrity lift” required incisions. But no more. Sculptra Aesthetic, Europe’s first facial filler, is on the rise in the United States. Literally. 

Confession: I am a skin care addict. I take pride in being an early adopter and dogged anti-aging enthusiast. I started young, but who could blame me? I entered my 30s just as the FDA approved Botox. Going to my dermatologist to check moles proved more motivating as he simultaneously erased a growing 11 furrowed on my forehead. Overly preventive? Absolutely. But then again, subtle lines came early to those of us raised with a naiveté of SPF. So when I heard about Sculptra and learned that the ingenious filler has been on the market for more than a decade — and is replacing the facelift — I took pause. How had I missed the introduction of what my proficient doctor calls “a wonder drug.” 


Sculptra Aesthetic was launched in 1999 — before even Botox — by a European company, under the medical sanction of plumping and evening out the thinned faces of HIV and AIDS patients. It quietly arrived stateside in 2004, with no marketing campaign and a select few taught to inject it. Over the past five years, as the company has perfected both the concentration and technique of the filler, mum is no longer the word. 

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