KYBELLA®: A Unique Treatment for that Double Chin

Today in the world of selfies, everyone wants to have a well-sculpted and contoured face and body. However, concerns such as a double chin can have a negative impact on your appearance. Typically, double chin or submental fat is caused by weight gain or by genetic disorders. It can make people look much older than their real age.

Some years back, if anyone wanted to reduce double chin, the only option was to undergo liposuction or surgical neck lift – procedures that involved a long recovery time. But today, an innovative and practically non-invasive procedure known as  KYBELLA® is available. This new injection is taking the cosmetic surgery world by storm and is a total game changer for patients who are distressed about their double chin.

A Safe Treatment with No Downtime

More than 1,600 people globally have been treated in clinical studies with KYBELLA® and studies shows that 79% of people treated with KYBELLA® expressed improved satisfaction with the appearance of their chin and face, 12 weeks after the last treatment. Each in-office treatment session would last 15–20 minutes and the injections take only 5 minutes. Visible contouring of the chin can be observed after 2–4 treatments and for optimal results, doctors administer up to 6 treatments.

  • Approved by the FDA, this treatment is safe. It kills fat cells permanently and improves the chin contour.
  • It also tightens the skin providing for a slimmer and more sculpted jaw line.
  • This fat-zapping treatment comprises a series of two or three injections of deoxycholic acid in two to four sessions. It literally dissolves your double chin.
  • The deoxycholic acid helps in breaking down the submental fat. The needles target the specific areas of fat and thereby improve the jaw line and neckline. The injection dose depends on the size of the area treated.
  • The clinician can customize the injectable treatment and contour the body in keeping with the patient’s unique body structure.
  • No anesthesia is needed.

Spring Is Here – It’s the Right Time to Start Taking Care of Yourself

During the Spring, plastic surgery facilities usually see considerable increase in the number of patients coming in to reshape their bodies or achieve a more refreshed/youthful appearance. This is the time to consider KYBELLA® in Las Vegas that ensures the following benefits:

  • Permanent fat removal
  • Minimal pain, bruising or discomfort
  • Requires very less downtime
  • No need for any bandages or anesthesia

 KYBELLA® is a breakthrough injectable aesthetic medication that is bound to generate significant interest in neck rejuvenation. There is no other device or laser that can demonstrate the same safety and efficacy. With patients reporting improvement in self-perception, and feeling happier and younger, the popularity of this non-invasive procedure will surely increase.

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