Life in Plastic: A Complete Guide to the “Mommy Makeover”

Mommy makeover: It’s the cutesy term for a serious package of surgical procedures aimed at returning a woman’s body to its pre-pregnancy state (one could easily argue the term is pretty problematic, too). And, fair warning, uttering the phrase repeatedly while interviewing the smartest aesthetic minds in the country will absolutely make you feel like a puerile twit.

The moniker irks many doctors as well. “I find it simplistic and annoying when surgeons say, ‘I’m doing a mommy makeover today,’” says Steven Teitelbaum, a plastic surgeon in Santa Monica, CA. “What does that mean? A breast lift and a bit of lipo? Or a giant reduction, a full tummy tuck, and a total body contour? It’s wiser for patients and surgeons to be specific in their language.” Indeed, the classic makeover involves a combination of a tummy tuck (aka abdominoplasty) and breast surgery. But within that framework, there are variations galore: the mini tuck, full tuck, skin-only tuck (as in, cutting away lax, stretch-marked skin but not repairing and tightening the abdominal muscles, which commonly separate in pregnancy); and for breasts, there’s the lift, reduction, augmentation (implants), or some hybrid therein. What’s more, “the modern-day concept of the mommy makeover has broadened further to include liposuction, fat injections to the buttocks, and vaginal rejuvenation,” says Jeremy White, a plastic surgeon in Miami.


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