McKenna Berkley Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Shoot

McKenna Berkley describes getting the call from her agent telling her she’d been chosen for the 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition as an out of body experience.

“I literally felt like I was watching myself answer the phone, I was so excited,” Berkley says.

She immediately said yes to it all: the Anguilla location, the role of Model Search contestant — and the body paint. As someone who had mostly modeled in ad campaigns for brands such as Nordstrom, Clinique and Pottery Barn Teen, posing nearly-nude was a new experience.

“I was questioning, but at the same time that’s an opportunity that I knew that I would regret turning down and I know that it’s not naked, but it’d be verging on those lines.”

Berkley’s entire shoot took place in one day during the first week in January.

She had a 2 a.m. call time so a team of three artists could finish creating the painted “swimsuit” by mid-afternoon, when the light is best for photos.

The artists, whose job combines makeup and traditional painting, imitate the pattern of an actual swimsuit.

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