Medispas for Moguls Set to Open in New York

Men as well as women will be drawn to Park West, as it will be run by an orthopedic sports doctor as well as a plastic surgeon with powerful, well-connected male clients, and will offer restorative treatments for joints as well as faces. “When Tom and I were talking about overall wellness, we were both excited by getting great results in our respective fields using PRP [platelet rich plasma; $1,000-$1,750 per session for each area] and stem cells [$2,500-$4,500 per session for each area],” says Silich.

“The Botox-filler generation is now becoming the generation that uses boosters from their own bodies, and men love PRP because the needles are smaller, so there are virtually no telltale marks, and no swelling or bruising.” He derives his stem cells for patients’ faces from their fat, while Scilaris derives his from their bone marrow, and both spin plasma from their patients’ blood. Asks Scilaris: “If you look 20 years younger but your joints aren’t holding up, what good is it?” Park West will also use PRP for hair restoration.

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