People are now paying $100+ in monthly ‘membership’ fees to get glowing skin

Monthly laser and facial treatments are taking the beauty industry by storm

Skin fitness is the new gym membership.

Doctors and cosmetologists are taking a page from the fitness industry, charging patients monthly membership fees to get regular skincare. PFRANKMD Skin Salon, an aesthetics business created by celebrity cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, recently introduced a new Skin Fitness Membership program featuring packages where patients can get monthly non-invasive laser facial treatments from about $135 – $325 per month. At New York City-based HeyDey, you can pay between $89 and $126 per month for a monthly 50- to 75-minute facial, and at Silver Mirror Facial Bar, also in Manhattan, you can pay between $50 and $108 for a monthly anti-aging or acne-prevention facial.

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