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PRP for Injuries, Pain, and Arthritis for Women

Instead of relying on taking pain-reducing medications such as Advil, aspirin, ibuprofen and oral steroids frequently or for extended periods to dull muscular or joint pain, and experiencing slight improvement, it is possible that PRP injections are what you’ve aching for.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections are increasingly used in patients with sports-related injuries, but data from randomized trials to assess their efficacy are lacking. We performed a randomized trial to assess whether PRP was efficacious in hamstring strain, the most common acute muscle injury.

There was a double-blind study done on the effects of PRP on minor sports injuries, the primary outcome was the time until patients could resume their sports activity during 6 months of follow-up. The treatment effectiveness showed that the rate of reinjury within 2 months after the resumption of sports activity as a secondary outcome measure.

The reason why PRP works instead of other treatments is the basis of the theory that over time the body can stop recognizing an area as “something to repair,” especially in the case of chronic injuries, degeneration or conditions such as severe tendinosis that cause lots of pain. Because of this, some speculate that PRP might be one of the best suited types of prolotherapy for these kinds of injuries, due to it increasing natural “irritation” and growth factor expressions.

The way that PRP treatments help to resolve chronic pain is causing a purposeful, mild inflammation response near damaged tissue. This type of inflammatory response is usually what happens following an injury, but in some cases the healing process doesn’t always correctly rebuild the damaged area and the body then “forgets” to keep attending it. PRP ultimately helps to restart the process and for new fibers to then grow back.

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