The 4 Best Treatments For Hyperpigmentation, According To Dermatologists

With all those sunny memories of summer slipping away, you may have noticed one thing that’s stubbornly staying: hyperpigmentation. This common skin condition is essentially any darker discoloration on the skin, and includes age spots (also known as solar lentigines), melasma, and dark spots caused by acne scars or injuries. It’s generally harmless, but its appearance can be bothersome—and it generally doesn’t just go away on its own. 

From sun spots to freckles and splotches, the sun’s damaging rays can and do leave a footprint. We asked two Contributing Dermatologists—Sejal Shah, M.D., of New York City, and Joel Schlessinger, M.D., of Omaha Nebraska—to break down the most effective treatments for hyperpigmentation.

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